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Gary Goodhart

Gary Goodhart, MAS, MASI
Director of Business Development

Gary Goodhart, MAS, MASI, serves as one of the Directors of Affiliate Business Development at iPROMOTEu, a role he has held since July 2017. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Gary has worked on both the supplier and distributor sides of the business. He helps affiliates develop a business model tailored to their unique business personality and collaborates with them to implement a sales plan using all available iPROMOTEu resources. His extensive knowledge of supplier operations benefits IPU affiliates by maximizing their supplier relationships. Gary holds dual bachelor’s degrees in business management and marketing from Roger Williams University.


* The MAS (Master Advertising Specialist) industry designation is awarded to less than 4% of industry professionals who have reached and continue to meet a higher standard of professionalism, knowledge, and experience within the promotional advertising products industry, setting them apart from their competition. It is the industry's standard and the mark of a professional.

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